Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Prototype Spyder

III. Carrera Panamericana 1952 #6

1952 Mercedes-Benz participated in the III. Carrera Panamericana in Mexico with three cars and a legendary result. Car #4 driven by Karl Kling and car #3 driven by Hermann Lang won the race.

This car with #6 was driven by John C. Fitch and was the only spyder in the team. It was disqualified after the penultimate stage of the race due to suspect reasons. John should have taken help from outside while adjusting his wheel alignment.

A special Accessory on this car was the added enhanced windshield, which was necessary to protect „Long Tall John“.

Kit:rennpiste Resine Kit
Decals:RE-Decals/ rotera
Inlet:Kit included
Weight:54.45 gr.
Chassis:MoMo Classic 2
Rims:Werksfelgen 15´
Motor:Fox 10
Weight:110.90 gr.
Intended purpose
Race Series:DSC/ Panamericana
Concours:18.0/ 20.0 pts.